Friday, October 30, 2015

MIE Expert Wannabe!

I am applying to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. What's that, you say? MIE Experts are advocates for using Microsoft technology to improve student learning. I have to say, being an Educational Technology teacher, I've been impressed with Microsoft lately - Hololens and many of the new features of Office come to mind.

I use a number of technologies in my daily life as a teacher. Most recently, Microsoft helped me deliver a unit on Robotics from start to finish. First, I initiated and guided the unit through the use of Mix, which is a great platform for creating dynamic lessons with interactivity. Next, my students wrote their "pseudocode" (robotic algorithms written in plain language) in Word, then they shared it with each other and me via OneDrive. They also used Sway to document the design process associated with their robots, creating effective and engaging presentations.

As a last step, students were required to design and 3D print a custom piece to be added to their robots (either functional or ornamental). We used Microsoft's 3D Model Repair service to ensure that our prints were error (and frustration) free.

If I have the opportunity to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, I will be able to tap into even more great Microsoft resources and connect with other like-minded MIE's who have a passion for educational technology like me. Fingers crossed!

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